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Individual Health Needs

Our team at Kingscliff Doctors aims to be different to your normal medical centre. We all have different health needs during different phases of our lives and, as a result, patients require different approaches to their health. We have a very experienced team, all with unique skills who are keen to share their knowledge with our patients.

Our nurses have a wealth of experience and the Services we will be offering include:

> Women’s wellness clinics which include PAP smears, breast checks and discussions on your individual health needs.

> Behavioral management with children. We will be holding Mum’s groups where you can get together with other Mum’s experiencing similar problems. Mums can also receive tips from our experienced nurses on ways to help manage and overcome various problems.

> Chronic Disease talks: We will be holding groups to discuss various chronic diseases. The risks, treatments available and what you can do to help yourself. Our nurses to give you information and to encourage others to tell their stories.

We have 2 fantastic Psychologists on board at Kingscliff Doctors. Hanna Thomas and Dr Jeff Bailey are both highly experienced psychologists who can help people of all ages through any difficult times they may be experiencing. Where necessary, home visits are also available. Areas in which our psychologists can assist are:

> Grief, trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety

> Behavioural issues children and adolescents (most noteworthy, ADHD)

> Relationship breakdowns or lack of trust

> Stress

Our Occupational Therapists are available for home visits. Rachel and Josie are fantastic at:

> Prescribing and ordering equipment to help patients to easily carry out their regular activities of daily living

> Performing cognitive and physical assessments and reporting back to your doctor

> Recommending and organising home modifications so that patients can live comfortably and independently at home

We also have a wonderful dietitian whom will be working with us and a few things she can offer are:

> Shopping trips to the local supermarket to teach us how to better understand the information on food labels.

> Giving talks at our Mum’s groups to teach about nutrition for babies, toddlers and school aged children.

> Working with people who want to lose weight, therefore, improving their overall health.

Kingscliff Doctors also has a Physiotherapist who does home visits and can help people of all ages and walks of life. Samuel can assist with:

> Rehabilitation after an injury or operation

> Manage chronic conditions such as arthritis and also osteoporosis

> Workplace injuries

For more information on what our team can do to help you achieve all of your health goals, follow us on Facebook!

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