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Kingscliff Doctors | Our First Mums & Bubs Group!

Today was our very first Mum’s group in our beautiful new Kingscliff Doctors surgery!

We had our experienced childhood Occupational Ther

apist, Josephine, give a quick overview to parents on developmental milestones for different ages. This was really helpful as it gave the parents an idea of what was considered normal or abnormal for their child’s age group. We explored a range of different milestones including gross and fine motor skills, language and also social skills.

Josie also gave some examples to us of what ‘Red flags’ we should watch out for in a child’s development. She also discussed at what age we should be speaking with our doctor to address any concerns we may have. If you aren’t sure of who to speak to regarding any aspect of your child’s development, a good place to start would be your GP, and then he/she can refer you onto someone who specialises in that area.

All of the babies and children were having a lovely time playing together. Josie used this time to watch them and engage with them through play. She explained to the parents what each child was doing and how that related directly to their learning experience. She also offered suggestions on different activities that mums and dads could do at home with their children to encourage further development.

Overall, it was a fantastic day meeting each other and learning more about our childrens’ development.

We will regularly have our childhood Psychologist, Dr Jeff Bailey, attend the Mum’s group to discuss behavioural development with parents. Jeff can assist parents in dealing with behavioural issues such as ADHD. He is also very experienced in working with kids to overcome any difficulties that arise in their education and development.

To find out when our next meet-up will be, follow Kingscliff Doctors on Facebook!

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Due to the wide spread flooding the surgery will be closed until further notice. For Medical Emergencies please call 000 or Tweed Heads Hospital on 07 5506 7444. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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