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Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma - PRP

We are so excited to introduce our newest service - PRP . There are multiple uses for PRP and this month we are focusing on cosmetic benefits.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is not a filler and it doesn't replace collagen. It is a skin treatment. It is used for evening of skin tone, tightening of the skin, lifting of the skin, as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is exceptionally good for crepey thin skin particularly around the eyes, the neck and the décolletage.


Dr Zabrina Kingston

We are so excited to welcome Dr Zabrina Kingston to our team!

Do you need a female GP? Dr Kingston is taking new patients now. Zabrina grew up predominately on the southern Gold Coast and has practiced as a GP in Northern NSW for the past 5 years. She offers a comprehensive wholistic women’s health service which includes numerous women’s health issues from contraception, pre-conception, antenatal care and menopause. She has a keen interest in nutritional, preventative medicine, skin cancer medicine and aesthetic medicine.

Zabrina is a mother of two and loves spending time with her family at the beach & travelling with them experiencing different cultures.

Her appointments are filling fast! BOOK NOW


Dr Leila Omera

We are also excited to welcome Dr Leila Omera!

Leila has a degree in pharmacology as well as medicine. She also has completed extra training in: women's health, family planning,PRP for cosmetics and joints as well as cosmetic medicine.

Leila is also currently completing further education in environmental and nutritional medicine. Leila is married and is the mother of two gorgeous children.

Call to book in for an appointment as she is filling up fast too! BOOK NOW


Laughter is good medicine

Kingscliff Doctors is more than just a medical centre. Our small team is dedicated to excellence in care AND we have a sense of humour!

If you look closely at our posters in the waiting room you will see more than just health information!

Health Checks we should all be aware of:

We do have a serious side though and we like to share health information with our patients to help with early detection of health issues. Regular health checks are an important part of staying well, as they can help to detect illness or disease early. If you have a higher risk of any condition due to your family history, or your own age and health, you’ll need to make your own health check plan with your doctor. Follow this link to learn about other health checks recommended to keep you in great health! CLICK HERE

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